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Reliance Jio latest 4G plans for Jio prime members

Once you become a Jio prime member, you get plenty of exclusive Jio prime plans. The most attractive plan is 399, where you get daily unlimited data, unlimited calls, and SMS.

Jio latest 4G Prime member plans

Jio Recharge Offer


Reliance Jio has introduced multiple plans to benefit all type of Jio customers, the lowest plan starts from ₹ 19 and goes up to ₹ 9999

521.05 GB7 Days
982 GB28 Days
1491.5 GB/day28 Days
3491.5 GB/day70 Days
3991.5 GB/day84 Days
4491.5 GB/day91 Days
1982 GB/day28 Days
3982 GB/day70 Days
4482 GB/day84 Days
4982 GB/day91 Days
2993 GB/day28 Days
5094 GB/day28 Days
7995 GB/day28 Days
99960 GB90 Days
1999125 GB180 Days
4999350 GB360 Days
9999750 GB360 Days

List of Jio 4G prime monthly plans

  1. Jio Rs 149 Prime Plan: You get 2 GB data, unlimited voice calls, and 100 SMS with 30 days of validity.
  2. Jio Rs 303 Prime Plan: You will get 1 GB data daily with unlimited voice calls, and SMS for 1 month.
  3. Jio Rs 509 Prime Plan: 60 GB data with no daily limit, voice calls up to 30 days.

Jio 4G Prime with no data limit plans

  1. Jio Rs 999 prime plan: 60 GB of data with 60 days validity.
  2. Jio Rs 1999 prime plan: 125 GB of data with 90 days validity.
  3. Jio Rs 4999 prime plan: 350 GB of data with 180 days validity.
  4. Jio Rs 9999 prime plan: 750 GB of data with 360 days validity.

Jio Recharge Plans for Prime user

These plans apply after your first recharge validity is over.

3091 GB/day28 Days
5092 GB/day28 Days
99960 GB60 Days
1999125 GB90 Days
4999350 GB180 Days
9999750 GB360 Days

Jio prime prepaid plans

The above plan is applicable for all type of Jio prime customers.

Jio Prime PlansPlan details Validity
 Rs 149 plan 2 GB data monthly + all benefits 30 days
 Rs 309 plan 1 GB data daily + all benefits 56 days
 Rs 399 plan 1 GB data daily + all benefits 84 days
 Rs 509 plan 2 GB data daily + all benefits 56 days
 Rs 999 plan 90 GB data + all benefits 90 days
 Rs 1999 plan 155 GB data + all benefits 120 days
 Rs 4999 plan 380 GB data + all benefits 210 days
 Rs 9999 plan 780 GB data monthly + all benefits 390 days

Subscribe to Jio Prime Membership


  1. Open MyJio app on your phone.
  2. Sign in with your Jio number.
  3. Click on recharge option in the home screen.
  4. Now select Jio Prime Membership Subscription.
    Jio Prime Membership Plan MyJio
  5. Pay Rs 99 via JioMoney, Debit Card or Net banking.
  6. You’ll become a Jio Prime member now.

Jio prime postpaid plans

The above-listed plans will work for Jio prime postpaid users also. You must become a Jio prime user before March 31 to subscribe to above plans.

JioFi plans after March 31

All Jio users (prepaid, postpaid, JioFi) can enjoy the prime member plans. Don’t forget to subscribe to Jio prime, starting from March 1 – March 31.

Read about Jio Prime membership and how to become a Jio prime member. If you have any questions about Jio prime plans, drop it in comments.

55 thoughts to “Reliance Jio latest 4G plans for Jio prime members”

  1. i have heard that Rs 149 plan under jio prime will offer only domestic calls upto 1000 min. after that only within jio to jio.

  2. only 1000min ? means 16 hrs in a month ? it is incoming+outgoing or only outgoing ? and jio to jio calls will deduct from that 1000 mins from beginning ?

  3. Rs 9999 plan 750 GB data monthly + all benefits 360 days
    Is this plan available for 4G dongle as well.

    Monthly 750GB so on total we will get 9000GB right?

  4. ” Jag ghumeya thare jaisa na koiiii” its for Mr. Ambani haha. Thanks for the awesome grind between all the carriers lolz

  5. If I compare with other operator

    With X operator

    FTT Rs.222 *12
    Internet 3g/4g (Rs.150*12 months)
    = 4464

    With Jio
    = (303 * 12 Monnts) + 100 = 3736

    –Still jio is better for me.

  6. Regarding the prime plans of Rs 999, 1999,4999 and 9999 the data given is it monthly or total data Luke eg the Rs. 1999 plan say the data provided is 125 monthly with validity of 90 days does it mean that every month we get 125 GB data for 3 months totalling to 375 GB for 90 day or do we get 125 GB for 90 days total and not monthly. Please clearfy

      1. Then in the prime offers detail why is it mentioned 125 GB monthly ? instead, it should just be written 125 GB + all benefits as mentioning monthly while keeping a validity of 90 days (3 months) will make customers think that they would be provided 125 GB data every month as the validity of the pack is 3 months.

  7. Under prime membership, what will happen if any package is not subscribed for a period? Or can we subscribe to any package whenever we need it during the Prime Membership validity?

  8. Is roaming free or will it be charged after 31 march? And if once i become a jio prime member do i have to renew it on regular basis?

  9. Under Prime membership can we switch over to other packages after one another? Or can we subscribe to any package whenever we want after a time gap of some days/month?

  10. If I Donot go for prime, and recharge my jio number with the plan 149, can I be able to use unlimited night data from 2 am -5 am?

  11. Sir..i ‘re Charge to jio 149 INR from bahrain..bcz net cancelled. Now credit is ok but internet not working plz help me

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