32 Lakh Debit Card Details Hacked, Change your ATM PIN Immediately

Over 32 Lakh debit card details were compromised in the latest data breach. This breach happened through a malware that was introduced in the Hitachi Payment Services systems. Hitachi Payment Services is the largest provider of ATMs, Point of Sale (PoS) and other financial transactions.

The banks who hit this massive data breach includes State Bank of India, Yes Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank. Customers are advised to change ATM PIN immediately.

26 Lakh of affected debit cards were on Visa and MasterCard. And about 6 lakh were on RuPay Card.

ATM Card being used in China repeatedly

There is no official report about who is behind this data breach, but few customers have observed the unauthorized usage of their card in various locations in China. Payment council of India has ordered an investigation to find out the origin of the Cyber breach. Bengaluru-based payment and security specialist SISA will conduct the investigation.

SBI to Reissue 600,000 affected Debit Cards

State Bank of India has blocked the affected debit card and will reissue over 6 lakh new debit cards to the customers.

sbi debit card hack news
SBI Customer received SMS for card being blocked for security

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SBI CTO Shiv Kumar Bhasin speaks about the data breach

[button color=”” size=”” type=”square” target=”” link=””]”It’s a security breach, but not in our bank’s systems. Many other banks also have this breach—right now and since a long time. A few ATMs have been affected by malware. When people use their card on infected switches or ATMs, there is a high probability that their data will be compromised.”[/button]

MasterCard denied about the breach in their system

[button color=”” size=”” type=”square” target=”” link=””]”We’re aware of the data compromise event. To be clear, Mastercard’s own systems have not been breached. At Mastercard, safety and security of payments are a top priority for us and we’re working on the investigations with the regulators, issuers, acquirers, global and local law enforcement agencies and third party payment networks to assess the current situation.”[/button]

Appeal to all Indian debit card holders

Please co-operate with the Bank. Safety for each and every customer is their primary concern. All 32 Lakh compromised debit card holders are not yet identified.

Bank request you all to change your ATM PIN immediately. If you see any unauthorized transaction or receive any transaction SMS which was not done by you then please report it to to the Bank immediately.

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