5 Best Apps To Use Dual Accounts in Android

Most of us today keep multiple accounts to avoid our work contacts to get clashed with our private contacts. However, there are very few Android applications at the moment which allow users to actually operate and switch between 2 different accounts in a single click. But, various third party applications are now available which can be used here.

These apps allow users to run multiple accounts of different applications within them. Therefore, we have come up with a list of the 5 best apps to use dual Android accounts. So here it goes.

Parallel Space – Multi Accounts

Parallel Space is one of the highest rated applications in this genre with a Google Play Store user rating of 4.6/5 and over 50 million user downloads. Parallel Space allows its users to operate multiple accounts of most of the Android applications available.

Once the user has logged into their secondary account of another application via Parallel Space, it creates a secondary app widget for it with the secondary Android app account logged in. The widget on the app drawer with a “+” is the one created by Parallel Space and is also updated at the same time the original app receives an update.

Go Multiple – Parallel Account

Go Multiple is the most recent and the largest in size dual account Android app. It came out in 2016 and has a size of 10MB when you download Go Multiple from the Google Play Store. It also allows its users to login to secondary Android accounts and create background widgets to view. Along with this, Go Multiple also comes with a speed booster which clears the extra cache memory and RAM for its users.

Multiple Accounts: 2Accounts

2Accounts is very similar to its competitors as it also enables its users to create and operate multiple app accounts on Android. However, it does not create a secondary app widget for its users; therefore, its users could only user the second account by opening and locating their secondary account on the 2Accounts app.

2Accounts is also very highly rated on the Google Play Store with a rating of 4.2/5 and has over a million user downloads. It is very low in size (4MB) as well.

App Cloner

Just like its name, App Cloner is an application for Android which clones an already installed application and allows users to operate multiple accounts. However, the App Cloner project does not work with all Android applications but it does provide full customisability to its users for setting up the cloned apps as per their liking.

App Cloner’s download size is a mere 3.58MB and it is rated at 4.1/5 on the Google Play Store.

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2 Lines For Whazzap

This app was initially created for users wishing to run multiple WhatsApp accounts. However, the company later updated the app which then allowed its users to operate multi accounts for other Android applications as well. The app comes with instant switching features for an enhanced user experience and also comes with pattern locking abilities for a secure operation. However, 2 Lines for Whazzap can only be used on Android devices which are rooted.

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