How to activate Jio Caller Tune for free

Activate free caller tune on Jio today, there are no charges to activate Jio caller tune.

I hope by now you have managed to get a Jio SIM. Jio is, of course, expanding their services and not limited to just 4G service. Some of you might want to use caller tune on your Jio number instead of classic Tring-Tring.

Note: This service is completely free, so feel free to change to any tune anytime.

This service will attract most of the younger generations and to for free. Here’s how you can activate any song as your Jio caller tune for free.

How to activate caller tune on Jio for free

Just click on any share button or subscribe to YouTube channel to unlock the steps to set Jio Caller tune.

Set Jio Caller Tune.

  1. Open your default Message app.
  2. Create a new message exactly like below.
    JT and send it to 56789
  3. Jio will ask to confirm the subscription. send Y to confirm.
  4. Jio caller tune will be activated for 30 days.

Activate Jio Caller Tune free

How to make any song as Jio Caller tune for free

Follow the exact method to activate any song as your Jio caller tune.

MOVIE movie Name send it to 56789
ALBUM Album Name send it to 56789
SINGER singer Name send it to 56789

If you want to select a Movie song as your Jio caller tune, Follow these steps:

eg. song “Tu Mera Khuda from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil movie.

  1. Send MOVIE AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL to 56789
    Jio Caller tune free
  2. Send your song number, In my case 2 .
    Jio Caller tune activation
  3. Soon you will receive another message asking your confirmation. Send Y to confirm.
    jio caller tune free
  4. Your caller tune will be activated instantly.

How to change Jio caller tune

If you want to change the Jio caller tune, then repeat the process again and set a new song as your caller tune.

Note: You will not be charged any money to activate Jio Caller tune services.

Copy a Jio caller tune from any Number

To copy any Jio caller tune, press * while listening to the caller tune and then send Y to the message to confirm your Jio caller tune.

How to cancel or stop your Jio caller tune service

If you want to deactivate your caller tune and revert back to normal caller tone then follow the below steps and deactivate your Jio caller tune service.

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. Send STOP to 56789 to deactivate your caller tune.
  3. Your caller tune service will be deactivated instantly.

Activate JioTune using Jio Music app

If you own a smartphone, you can make any song as your JioTune directly from your Jio Music app. Just sign in to the music app the tap on set as JioTune. Your JioTune will be activated on your Jio Number for free.

To continue enjoying Jio services subscribe to Jio prime membership and enjoy free benefits until March 2018.

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  1. My mobile number jio 8076001250
    Please Activate my number……..
    ALTERNET NUMBER 9717440211
    SIM 89918720400026142313
    IMSI 4058720002964231

  2. Pls fix the network issue …its getting worse day by day….i am newly shifted from gurgaon to nearby ghitorni metro station from 1 week my jio sim is not working..even not getting signals …so request u to pls help me out to fix with this i am unable to use my jio sim.
    It would be a great help for me…my mail id is

  3. callertune activation doesnot work. At last, when we confirm with 1, it goes to some other menu.. Please rectify

  4. Dear Jio team
    My Jio no is not working I’m given the complaint 3 time in Jio care but not responding what I do?
    My Jio no : 8660551743

  5. Can u give me suggestion how to make (mai hu hero tera ) as a hello tune I can’t find it it shows did not fetch plzz set this caller tune on my no.

  6. Your caller tune is good but not enough. This is not user friendly like Airtel, The first three words search can not properly functioned
    Please correct the procedure and make a alternate option for setting caller tune by call like airtel provides

  7. In the last process whenever i m trying to replying Y to given no.. msg is going to failed.. why is it happening.. kindly solve this

  8. My jio not 4g,
    this 2g network speed 12kb
    On-line videos loading so slow and baffring any time
    Beri bed this 4g jio
    My n. 8209064269

  9. The message i am sending to 56789 tis getting failed again and again .I want to change my caller tune
    No 7905341231

  10. Dear sir, I am not able to activate “KANULUNAVAINAA” song from Telugu movie “ISM”. Can you please help me to activate.

  11. I am trying to activate caller tune buy the massage is not sending and when I tried to call care center they are saying that it is in beta testing and we can’t help you.

  12. mar jawa from carry on jatta punjabi movie i want to make this my jio tune but i tried 1000s of time every time its shown no result found so please help me i can pay for it

  13. I am not getting reply from service calk tunes I sent msg with saheli song from roop bhullar kindly send me the SMS then I will follow the steps if I can’t get ur service then I will port to airtel

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    Das Kiwein Bhulawan Main” from album Aadatan reprise version. I have tried by sms on this no 56789 but unable to set this song. Kindly suggest.

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    My number is 8848184167.plz fix it

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    Please help
    Alternative no. 8135076800

  18. Hi jio team… frst of all thanks for all the free services u have given to us.. but I’m getting a problem while trying fr a caller tune. my msg are getting failed. either i try to send from jio chat or from simple msgng app. plz solve my problem regarding it…waiting here fr ur precious reply.. thanks in advance?

  19. I am doing all steps to activate the caller tune but i am not getting the final message of confirmation.

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