How to become a Jio Prime Member – Jio Prime FAQs

Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Recharge
Reliance Jio has announced Jio prime membership offer for current Jio users. Once you become a Jio prime member you’ll be able to continue free benefits by just paying 303 Rs every month.


The subscription to Jio Prime will be open from March 1 to March 31. If you want to enjoy Jio Prime benefits, don’t forget to subscribe before March 31.

Reliance Jio Prime Membership Benefits

After being a Jio prime member, you’ll be able to continue using free services for another 1 year.

  1. Exclusive plan of Rs 309/month to enjoy unlimited voice & other services with 1GB high-speed data daily.
  2. Special discounts and offers on Jio and Jio partners store.
  3. Subscription to all Jio premium apps for 1 year.
  4. Pre-access to all upcoming Jio services (Broadband, DTH and more).

Jio Prime Member plans launched (Rs 149, 309, 509)

Jio 4G latest Prime Plans

Jio latest plans Dhan Dhana Dhan

 Rs 149 plan 2 GB data monthly 30 days
 Rs 309 plan 1 GB data daily 30 days
 Rs 509 plan 2 GB data daily 30 days

How to become a Jio Prime Member

You can subscribe to Jio prime membership via MyJio app, Jio site or at any Jio Store. The subscription to Jio prime will start from March 1 midnight.

Win Jio Prime Membership for Free

Subscribe to Jio prime using MyJio App

  1. Open MyJio app on your phone.
  2. Sign in with your Jio number.
  3. Click on recharge option in the home screen.
  4. Now select Jio Prime Membership Subscription.
    Jio Prime Membership Plan MyJio
  5. Pay 99 Rupees for Jio Prime subscription.

Get Jio Prime using Jio site

  1. Visit Jio recharge portal.
  2. Enter your Jio number and click submit.
  3. Select Jio Prime Membership.
  4. Proceed to pay Rs 99 for Jio Prime subscription.
  5. Jio Prime will be activated on your number.

Become Jio Prime member from Jio Store

  1. Visit any Jio Store or Jio partner store.
  2. Ask the staff to subscribe your number to Jio Prime.
  3. Pay Rs 99 via Cash or Card.
  4. Your number will be activated for Jio prime via Jio store.

Jio Prime Membership FAQ

Do you have any query related to Jio prime? Read these FAQs or ask your query in comments.

Q. If I become a Jio prime member, Is it necessary to recharge with 309 plan every month?

Ans. No, it’s completely up to you when you want the service. Whenever you want to enjoy free services, recharge with any of the Jio Prime plans (149, 309, 499)

Q. Is it available for Jio postpaid users?

Ans. Yes, it’s applicable for all Jio customers (Prepaid, Postpaid, and JioFi users).

Q. What if I don’t subscribe to Jio Prime?

Ans. If you don’t subscribe to Jio Prime, you can use Jio sims with any of the Jio 4G plans listed here.

Q. What will happen to JioFi user?

Ans. JioFi user can also subscribe to Jio Prime and continue using Free services for another 1 year.

Q. What all services are included under Jio Prime 309 plan?

Ans. You get Unlimited voice calls to any network, Free roaming, Unlimited SMS and 1 GB high-speed data daily (post 128 Kbps unlimited).

Q. Jio unlimited data timings?

Ans. You can enjoy Jio unlimited data between 2 am to 5 am daily.

If you still have any questions, please ask it in comments below.

132 thoughts to “How to become a Jio Prime Member – Jio Prime FAQs”

      1. You need to launch any yearly plan where customer could pay for whole year to flash monthly tention of recharge.

        Deepak Jeet

  1. I have got a Jio-Fi device. How can I subscribe my Jio-Fi device to Prime Membership, I mean, what is the procedure???

      1. After Subscribing Prime Membership for JioFi, do we have to recharge with 303 to avail unlimited offers for every month?

    1. No, 2-5 am unlimited data is a bonus to 1 GB data daily. But make sure you turn off downloads before 5 am, so that your 1 GB data is not charged.

  2. Sir what if after recharging prime im march.I then recharge in June. These 2 months won’t be able to recharge due to study. So my wil remain active or not.

  3. If i got jio prime membership by paying rs 99, can i recharge 149 too ( according to perticular benefit) in those months when i dont need so much data ? Or in prime membership we will stuck with only 303 recharge option?

  4. Now we can’t send sms to numbers like 56767, 53346 etc, as sms to those numbers will be charged. What happens when prime membership starts? Can we send sms to those numbers if a prime member? How will you solve this problem?

  5. Hi,

    We are unable to use our Jio services due to unavailability of network when we are at home,

    Kindly provide the details when we will enjoy our Jio Services at home or village as most of the villager not using jio due to network unavailability

    For your information My village address is
    Village Harpur, Post Hardi, PS Kathiyan, Dist Muzaffarpur, Bihar-843122


  6. In my area there no Jio network coverage, when i ask to jio customer care they said that it will be No issue after 31st march about netwok

    Is it true or false?

    when I get Full coverage as other ?

  7. I have came to know postpaid users can’t activate jio-prime offer. In that case what will happen to existing post-paid users? Will they forced to choose a postpaid plan? If I want to convert postpaid to prepaid is it possible?

  8. Hi
    I’m using jio sim andhra pradesh State but I work at Bengaluru. Out going calls will be free when I call from from Karnataka with ap state jio sim

  9. If I Don’t Recharge with the 303 Plan, but Have Already Paid Rs.99, Will Free Calling Will not be Accessible? Do I need to Pay 303 Every Month?

    1. Yes, 99 rupees is just to become a Jio Prime customer. To enjoy all free benefits, you have to recharge with 303 plan otherwise you can recharge with any Jio plan.

  10. Will I able to use internet/messaging/calls by recharging with only 99 or recharge of 303 is cmplsry…. any other packs is their…???

  11. I am using a demo prepaid sim since feb 16,initialy the plan was 10gb data n 500min talk time free per month as a part of demo sim offer.Afterwards it changed as per the jio ongoing plans automatically.Now is it necessary to become a jio prime member? Or the demo plan will work as it was before,pls suggest

  12. IF I DONT RECHARGE to PRIME or ANY voucher
    After 31St March Will INCOMING AVAILABLE
    & outgoing Calls available????

  13. Can jio pospaid users can also apply for jio prime membership as from the company they are daying that it is for only prepaid users

  14. What is the benefit if I register as a Prime Member.
    Basically I will recharge with 99 and continue as a Prime Member.
    If I am not recharging for 149 or 303 or 499, what is the impact.

    Basically with Prime Membership, what will I get??

  15. What I heard is that every Incoming and Outgoing call consumes atleast 1MB data from the Data offered in any pack. If it is true how can I have unlimited calling on any day? Plz clarify my doubt.

  16. For 499 recharge, unlimited calling, SMS, roaming, Jio TV etc are included na? So I would go for 99 prime + 499 every month.

  17. I am not able to find the 99 recharge option “Jio Prime Subscription” online under the recharge options.

    How to buy the Jio Prime Subscription?

  18. what is this jio prime actually. I mean what benefits i got if do join it, after all i have to pay 303₹ per month even if i register or not.
    than why this registration stuff of ₹99.
    what is the purpose of this.

  19. Still there is a need of using “Jio 4G Voice” app after march 31st?

    I mean jio prime memebership let us to use jio services in ‘LTE’ powered phones directly without using the app ?

  20. If I don’t recharge with any one of these plans except for registration of Jio prime of 99, can I get incoming calls from others??To my Jio Number??

  21. After successfully registered for Jio prime with a payment of Rs. 99 . If I won’t recharge thereafter, will the prime membership remain for one year?
    And if I will take distance in the monthly subscription will the prime expire?
    E.g. if I can’t able to recharge 303 in August Then?

    1. The rules for cancellation of prime membership is not yet decided. but most probably you have to recharge with any of the plans to continue being a Jio prime user.

  22. Is there any plan which contain only voice call services?? Because there is no need of internet connection for me as there is WiFi connection in my house. I want only voice call services.. please provide us a plan containing only voice calls.

  23. I have A postpaid number of Jio. Will i be billed Rs303 automatically if i subscribed for the Jioprime membership for Rs99??
    If not what will i have to do to get Rs 303 plan on my postpaid number after the subbscription is done?

  24. I was did the recharge of 99 for my no. & my wife’s no. using MyJio
    but didn’t get any confirmation from Jio.
    how much time it takes to get msg

  25. I am prepaid jio customer and today I have subscribed to jio prime successfully now I want to convert my jio prepaid to postpaid then shall I have to subscribe again for jio prime after converting into jio postpaid?

  26. Please share the expected date of launch of jio giga fiber (broadband) so it will be helpful to choose jio prime membership.

  27. If I recharge with 99 and dont recharge time 149/303 thereafter, will I still receive incoming calls till 31st march 2018?

    1. Even if you don’t recharge with 99 rs still you will be able to receive calls. Recharging with rs 99 only gives you extra benefits called as jio prime. There is no difference between your normal telecom company’s sim and jio’s sim. Rs 149,303,499,999etc are plans that will enable you to use data and free outgoing calls. Hope this helped

  28. If I become a jio prime member by paying 99 but do not recharge every month will I b able to access apps like Jio TV?

  29. I have been subscribe to Jio Prime but haven’t received any message. Is there any other method to know whether I have subscribe or not?

  30. Hello
    If I Recharge 99 for the Jio Prime
    And I don’t recharge every month then
    May I do outgoing and incoming call free??

  31. If we doesn’t recharge our jio sim after joining prime. What will happen?

    Is it necessary to recharge with any plan monthly?

  32. Hello Sir, Is it possible that i will recharge of 99 before 31st march and after 31st march i will recharge with 303 so i can use free by 31st March?

  33. Dear sir, I paid jio prime membership of 99 rupees jio money app, but I didn’t received any activated msg from jio team and there not shown any prime membership band in my jio app.

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