1. i got jio sim but didnt got network since i hav inserted the sim,i already got the activation msg..plz help my handset is asus zenfone Z010D.

  2. I have Asus zenfone 5,model 501cg,I couldn’t use Jio SIM,could you please help me ?is there any bypass option to use Jio SIM on this phone.Reply ASAP…

  3. Hi friends I have Asus Jenfone Max and I got the Jio sim activated though I am using net bit I am unable to call through it by Jio 4g network.How can I do so ?

  4. hi there i using asus zenfone 2 ze551ml.i m facing problems in barcode generating my old one is not expired but it is redeemed and new one is not coming how to get barcode all process i have done shown above in all website.

  5. I am also facing the same problem with my asus zenfone max can i get the barcode..i follow all those steps that mentioned bt it’s not working..please help me..

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