How to install WordPress on Amazon Lightsail Instance

Amazon Lightsail is the latest product by AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS is known popularly for high-end cloud computing and its most used services like EC2 and s3.

AWS is providing cloud services since 2006 and still is the world largest cloud service provider. AWS has data center in 12 locations which make you easier to deploy your servers in the location nearest to your customer.

Amazon Lightsail Pricing

Amazon Light Sail pricing is very simple as Digital Ocean. They charge you on monthly basis for the resources you use. The pricing range is available from 5$-80$ per month.

Amazon Lightsail Pricing

AWS Lightsail features

WIth every AWS Lightsail Instance you get 1 static IP address, Complete SSH terminal access. DNS management which will help you host your website to the virtual server in minutes. Server monitoring to monitor all the services and complete access to other AWS services.

AWS Lightsail features

How to Install WordPress on Amazon Lightsail Instance

Amazon Lightsail is very simple and more powerful than Digital Ocean. You can easily create a virtual private server of your own requirement.

Managing a WordPress site on Amazon Lightsail is very simple with the easy to use interface. So let’s see how to install WordPress on Amazon Lightsail Instance.

  1. First signup on Amazon Lightsail.
  2. Open the AWS Lightsail dashboard.
    Amazon Lightsail dashboard
  3. Click on create an Instance and select WordPress app on the next screen.
    AWS Lightsail WordPress app
  4. Select your AWS Lightsail plan as per your requirement.
    Aws Lightsail Plans
  5. Select Data Centre location and name your Instance.
    Amazon lightsail location
  6. Now WordPress application will be deployed on the Instance.
    deploy instance
  7. The default username for WordPress is user.
  8. To get the password for the WordPress application you need to connect to the application via SSH.
    Connect Instance
  9. Click on connect and type cat bitnami_application_password to get the password of your WordPress application.
    Lghtsail WordPress password

Your WordPress application will be deployed on Amazon Lightsail Instance. You can test Lightsail free foe 1 month.

Host website on Amazon Lightsail Instance

After deploying an app on Amazon Lightsail Instance you can go to DNS zone and create DNS for your website.
Lightsail DNS Zone

Create DNS zones for your domain and change the Nameservers.

AWS Lightsail nameservers

Note: The default username for WordPress application is user . To retrieve the password for user you need to SSH the server and type cat bitnami_application_password to get the password.

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  1. Is there anything that needs to be done in order to get outbound email to work from this wordpress installation? I added a user and wordpress says that it would email that user but the email was never sent. I’m wondering if there are more email specific configuration settings that need to be done?

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