JIO Free Welcome Offer for Vivo Phones

JIO Free Welcome Offer for Vivo Phones

vivo V3, vivo V3Max, vivo Y21L, vivo Y51L

JIO welcome offer is only available for 4G true LTE devices. Check the devices below for offers on more brands.

JIO Welcome offer devices:

25 thoughts to “JIO Free Welcome Offer for Vivo Phones”

  1. I have Vivo Y51l smart 4G supported phone. As per the procedure I downloaded the my Jio app from playstore along with all 11no’s of apk. after that I tried many times to get my Jio sim banner by clicking open button of my Jio app. But no banner of get my Jio sim has been appeared. And I was not able to generate the code.

    Will you please guide me how to proceed to get the sim.As it is mentioned for Vivo y51l no need to generate the code so I visited digital store but I have been told to get the barcode after that I will get the sim card .

    The vivo model which I mentioned is listed in preview offer of Jio sim.

  2. I have vivo y31l and it supports 4G LTE but i am not able to get bar code after downloading my gio app,please me to short this matter

  3. first u have to download jio 4g voice app after u can download my jio app….and then follow the procedure …….its done and enjoy the jio lyf………………………….

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