Jio Prime Membership offer for Rs 99 and Rs 309 Pack details

Jio Prime Membership Offer Details

To get Jio Prime membership, you need to pay Rs 99 per year. This offer will be valid to only for existing Jio users.

Jio Online Recharge

Once you become a Jio Prime member, You will be able to get 1GB of data per day, unlimited voice calls and SMS by recharging your Jio number with just Rs 309 every month.

Subscribe to Jio Prime Membership

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Jio Prime Membership Benefits

  1. Rs.99/- is the registration fee to be paid to enjoy the “Jio Prime Offer”
  2. Rs.309/- for unlimited voice & other services with 1GB high-speed data & post the data usage speed will reduce to 128kbps (daily).
  3. You will get unlimited data for 3 months
  4. You can enjoy all Jio premium apps free for 1 year.

Jio Prime Member plans launched (Rs 309, 509)

If you subscribe to Reliance Jio Prime membership program before March 31, You will be able to continue to enjoy 1 GB data daily, free voice calls and unlimited SMS until March 2018.

This offer is applicable for all Jio users (prepaid, postpaid, JioFi) who joins before March 31, 2017.

Jio Postpaid Prime Member offer: Postpaid user can also subscribe to Jio prime membership and pay a monthly bill of Rs 309.

Jio Prime Membership Registration online

The registrations for Jio Prime membership starts from 1st March and end on 31st March 2017. Jio users who join the Jio network on or before 31st March this year will also be eligible for Jio Prime membership.

To enroll yourself into Jio Prime Membership, follow the steps below:
Click following button to recharge online:


  1. Open MyJio app and sign in with your Jio number.
  2. Now, Click on left menu and select Jio Prime.
  3. Click on get Jio Prime and select Jio Prime Membership plan.
    Jio Prime Membership Plan MyJio
  4. Pay 99 rupees using any payment options.
  5. You’ll become Jio Prime member after your successful payment of 99 Rs.

Note: You’ll be able to subscribe to Jio Prime membership until March 31.

Reliance Jio Rs 309 pack offer details

When you recharge your Jio number with Rs 309 pack, you get 1 GB of data every day for a month. All voice calls and SMS are completely free on any network.

You have to recharge this 309 pack every month via Jio Online Recharge portal or MyJio app. You can go to Jio stores for offline recharge option.

213 thoughts to “Jio Prime Membership offer for Rs 99 and Rs 309 Pack details”

  1. Dear Jio,

    Thank you for support to Jio Community with extended service offered by Jio company.

    I have few things to know about “Jio Prime Offer”
    1. Rs.99/- is the registration fee to be paid to enjoy the “Jio Prime Offer” : It is understood
    2. Rs.303/- monthly charges for unlimited voice & other services with 1GB high speed data & post the data usage speed will reduce to 128kbps : its is also understood

    What I need clarification for is,

    Will the data usage at the night i.e. between 2am to 5am is unlimited” or not????

    Because in any of the details on Jio Care or Jio website I could not find clear solution for the above point.

    Please provide the details, so a simple common man can understand in a very simple language.

    Thank you in Advance.

    1. Read the 3rd point.

      1- Rs.99/- is the registration fee to be paid to enjoy the “Jio Prime Offer”
      2- Rs.303/- monthly charges for unlimited voice & other services with 1GB high-speed data & post the data usage speed will reduce to 128kbps.
      3- You will be able to use unlimited data between 2 am to 5 am.
      4- You can enjoy all Jio premium apps free for 1 year.

  2. Please Low the rates, because i am not so rich…so please I want that please Cover the RS.303 for two Months , it may helps to me…if possible so done that…

        1. I hope u did not have a chance to select your parents when you were born did you?

          Asking for cheaper price is not her fault she is only requesting. Don’t judge people.

    1. That’s coz there are a ton of people availing their free services. Once they’re out, everything will become better including the data speed and call connectivity .

  3. Agreed to sajad still thete is an issue in voice call through jio network and some disturbance is also there. The internet speed is also got reduced day by day
    Tje experience of surfing thatwe got in sep – nov 16 was very good noe this is on reducing
    Need to rrsolve this isdur by jio team
    This is my opinion

    1. Now that the free services are soon to be expired a lot of user are likely to leave Jio, that may aid Jio to overcome the network issues.

      1. No. Because still in 303rs you are getting 30gb internet which means 1gb internet @10rs. what else you want

        1. I dont want 30GB per month free for 303rs. I want 1Gb per month for 100rs or lest then and free voice call. I have no money to recharge 303rs per months. We are poor enought, ????

        2. It is cheap for those who need it. For those who don’t, they dont have to spend 10 Rs per day. If there are plans like 202 Rs for 15 gb (500 mb per day) or 149Rs for 5 gb (200 mb per day). They would make more sense. They may even choose to charge 10 ps per minute for voice calls for additional revenue on 149 plan.

  4. I purchage a jio sim on 19 feb 2017 and activated within 30 min. I used all services and happy with them but when i called on my jio no with other sim airtel /vodafone and mtnl it say please check your no. I called customer care they told me wait for 21 days . after 21 days you will receive call by other service provider. it’s a common issue with new sim we are trying to fix them. lastly they said you have to wait for 21 days it’s jiooooo.

  5. Soi think Now Jio Will be responsible for giving better services.
    Complain karne pr bolte the we are still testing the n/w,ab kya bolenge
    this is due to n/w comgestion…
    try after sometines
    Does QOS improves

  6. It will be good if we received a lumpsum data of 30 gb instead of daily limit as sometimes I used 2 gn in a day or another day it will be hardly 200 mb so this offer is almost use less for person like me and I have to switch back to other options… or you introduce one more plan like 3 gb data daily with some higher rent but in this option nothing can be done… and boosters pack are too costly.

      1. It is Costly for a lot of normal indian people according to the surveys and about 2am to 5am, not really a good time for a free service but maybe a good marketing strategy for them..
        Peace ✌

  7. Hello Jio

    That was an awesome deal for a tarrif plan.
    But,I just want to know whether the unlimited data is only usable between 2am and 5am?
    Can’t we use the data for the rest of the time?

  8. First of all thanks to Jio for giving 7 months free service. And still ready to give us best plans which another carriers network won’t be able to give.. Jio company faced some issues like network speed and still facing call drops. My jio data speed is quite good like 2 mbps sometimes it gives 5 mbps. But still suffering from call drop issues. Sometimes when I tried call someone it connects to the third person. But after try another time it connects to the right person.

    I work online and 1gb data is not enough for me. Everyday I use more than 1.5 gb. I spend on recharge with 6 gb booster plan twice a month.

    As I heard about a new premium plan which is really really good. We can avail same services in just Rs. 303 per month and data will be unlimited between 2 am to 5 am it sounds good but who will wake up 2 to 5 am ? Will be there any plan which will increase data ? If yes that would be helpful.

  9. sir for is not required to volte for prepaid customers at the time of calling is not required for net connection

  10. My question is that, say someone took the 99 membership recharge but didn’t recharged the 303. Then which services will remain active? Will he/she be able to make calls at least? or the 99 recharge is like validity extension for one year only?

    1. I think you will not get any service just by recharging with 99.

      That is : you will not be able to make even voice calls if you don’t recharge with 303 (monthly).

    2. Totally agreed… I have the same question..

      If I recharge with 99 … Then is it compulsory to to do a recharge of 303 every month ??

      If I don’t do recharge of 303 , then will I be able to make free calls ??

      And secondly….

      If I don’t do 99 recharge then will I be able to make free calls ??
      Or I will have to recharge with any monthly plan which are available on website…..

      Please do clarify!!

  11. After jio prime offer 99 . compulsory to activated jio number or not.
    I can stop enjoying jio offers after prime offer .

    Pls kooch jankari de. Yadi 31 march ke baad jio sim ka use band kerde to bill aayga kya…

    Jio 99 prime offer lens me baad jio 303 offer Lena cumpuslry hai ya nahi pls bataye

  12. Since the calls are either ways free what if we do not recharge from april 1st will the calls work. I know data wouldn’t work but calls?

  13. everything i understood..i want 2 know..if i take the membership ..after it is compulsory to recharge Rs303 every month or it was depend on us when we want to recharge or not??plz answr..

  14. @ Rohan,

    i have certain Doubts, Please clarify,

    # 2 am to 5 am unlimited data usage will be provided on which Speed is it on 4G or 128 KBPS speed.

    # if i enroll for 99 rs prime membership. the recharge of 303 rs i have to done at my end like prepaid recharge or company will send bill for it.

    # if i enroll for 99 rs prime membership. and would not recharge with 303 rs what will happen.

    # last is that what are plan for nonprime members.

  15. Rs 303 is best tariff for such services offering. But the quality of service is not good of jio. Data speed is not on starndard of 4G speed. Calling have also some issue, such as connectivity issue, cross talk issue, sound quality is not good sometime.
    so please enhance your quality first. If you enhance the quality, noone will leave jio and others also start using it.
    Think about it.

  16. Superb offer . Thank you very much mukesh sir.
    1. As far as my concern 303 per/m is a big amount for a common man.
    2. 1gb data per/d limit is also not good . It should be Customer choice. Whether he uses 30 gb data in a day or in a month. Its customer wish. Please think once again. Sukumar

  17. If I make recharge with 99 before March 31st Can I make free calls and data for the coming March or I need to pay 303/month please clarify my thing

  18. hey guys ek baat batao hme jio ka 303 rupees ka recharge har month karana hoga ya phir subscription ke baad koi bhi month krwa skte hai…plze kisi ko patsa ho toh bata dena….

  19. If I take membership with RS 99 But I’m not rechargeing 303 recharge then can I get r do free voice calls and massages

  20. if i become jio prime member by paying rs 99,and i do no pay the i be able to make phone calls and 100 free sms?

  21. Namaste jio
    Thnks for your itnaaaa bada ehsaan mere upar hm sb bhartiyo ke upr….

    Pr ek baat mai samjhna chahta hu…ki agr jio ka plan 303/mnth me 1gb 4g data milra h to hmlog 99 ki prime membership kyu karare h????

    Or agr nahi karaynge 99rs ka recharge to per month 303rs ke recharge me kitna data milega????

  22. I can’t understand one thing., if iwill join thw jio prime offer by rechargeing rs=99/-, but i will not recharge rs303 per month then what will i get from jio..

  23. From the day 1, for me internet speed and calls in Jio is very poor. Am planning to subscribe for prime.

    Network issues will get resolve after 1st April ?

  24. if 303 RU is recharged, then what will d validity be? should v recharge every month? its not clarified properly! or recharging once will give complete year data?

  25. What will be the tariffs for jiofi device? can we get the Jio Prime membership offer for jiofi device, pls clarify the procedure for activating the same to jiofi device

  26. Jio Prime Membership offer is available to postpaid plan, if yes how can I register for this online? Please provide guidance.

    1. Yes .. But You Need To Register For Jio Prime Before 31st March. After That 303/Month For 1GB data & Unlimited Local & STD Calls

  27. 99 is a validity extension its OK..sir. .what is the rs303monthly pack..its day perccost one user 10rs .303rupess is a burden for middle-class it will provide 303 for 2months exactly reach to all people ,303 for 1month is a monthly rental program.

    1. Download Jio app on your Android or iOS phone and then register yourself . You will get OTP SMS on your alternate number and bingo you are all set to use your jio

  28. Hi am a windows 10 mobile user like me there are many other who use jiofi or jio sim..but there are no jio apps for windows why are u denying windows users from using jio..provide ur jio app for Windows asap

  29. Firstly i am feeling very thankful with Ur offer until March 31st later u have taken a decission to charge people…this is fair bt u know why people are using Jio this much because u dint charge us..when u start charging 300rs per month many of the people will stop using Jio. In case if airtel and idea also charge very less …then people may migrate to these networks…if u want maintain customers same as using now u need to charge less amount like 100to150rs monthly…bt not 300rs this is my humble suggestion…

    1. No other operator has this potential to provide 1 GB per day and for heavy users of data will still remain with JIO Airtel IDEA have worst plans with very less usage and also 303 for month is so cheap and quite affordable for everyone.

      1. Will Said Bro .. Jio Had Potential To Do Sometime ..It Not Like Other Operators That Charge 200/GB. Don’t Know Why peoples Are Saying Jio Is Expensive or It Costs 10/Day ( Aam Aadmi Can’t Afford This)

    2. The charges are for 1GB PER DAY others do not offer the same. If you do not use more of data per day. Then this plan is not for you

  30. Jio
    Please make the 30GB data for the month and skip or remove 1 gb data limited for a day so that it will be used depend on the users requirements or else make another plan of daily recharge of 10 rs 1GB which will helpful for all level of peoples to get benefit.

    thanks !

      1. Hey Dude, what type of language is this. And what is the wrong question that he asked. Jio itself allows 5 sims per person. His family members may be using some of the sims. What is so cheap in that.

    1. yes u can suscribe to rs 303 on all jio number…but before subscribe to rs303 plan please take prime membership plan of rs 99 for all number indivisually to take extra benefits in terms of data on all the numbers

  31. I am a prime member (i paid 99) but didn’t recharged the 303. Then which services will remain active? i can make and receive calls at least? or the 99 recharge is like validity extension for one year only?.

    What about the 30 GB data, if i didn’t consume it in one month, this will carry forward to next month?

    1. Rs 99 is to just extend the validity, you will not get any service. For getting services you have buy plans in which calling will be unlimited and by paying 303 RS per month you get same services of happy new year offer till 31 March 2018.

  32. Firstly i am feeling very thankful with Ur offer until March 31st later u have taken a decission to charge people…this is fair bt u know why people are using Jio this much because u dint charge us..when u start charging 300rs per month many of the people will stop using Jio. In case if airtel and idea also charge very less …then people may migrate to these networks…if u want maintain customers same as using now u need to charge less amout
    like 149/- per month along with 1GB data. Fair enough.
    Or otherwise
    Once again We will see the raise and fall of Reliance offer just 10 to 12 years back.

  33. What will happen if subscriber enroll Jio prime membership & in any month during 1-4-17 to 31-3-18 not have 303/- to pay whether his calling services will continue or discontinue?

  34. 99 is a validity extension its OK..sir. .what is the rs303monthly pack..its day perccost one user 10rs .303rupess is a burden for middle-class people..i req u so it will provide 303 for 2months exactly reach to all people ,303 for 1month is a monthly rental program.

  35. Hi, I am an existing Jio user. My query is whether we need to pay Rs. 99 and Rs. 303 also to continue to get the existing free calls and data benefits or do we need to pay only Rs. 99 to get the same benefits extended to March 2018.

    I understand that we need to pay only Rs. 99 and the offer (free and unlimited calls and data) shall stand extended to March 2018. Post March 2018, we need to take a recharge of Rs. 303 per month to avail the benefits. Please confirm my understanding.

  36. I have two Jio sims, one is for my mobile and another for my Jio hotspot to run my laptop.Now Rs.303/- for each totalling Rs.606/- per month is definitely costly. Moreover since I do not want 2 GB data per day i.e, 60 GB per month is also not required. In this condition will the JIO team kindly think.

  37. I have two Jio sims, one for my mobile and other for my Jio hotspot. Now I have to pay Rs.303/- each totalling Rs.606/-. per month. It is costly. Moreover 2 GB per day i.e, 60 GB per month is not required also. Will the Jio team kindly think.

  38. Sir jio prime is right plan in validity extension. But 303 amount is not to easy one time reachrge .the amount is reduced to 100&150minimum to maximum.
    and i have problem
    jio high speed in our area 110kbps to 200 kbps last may to till now I complain once and once but no result found .

  39. Hello
    one time Rs. 99 is ok but…
    Make The offer as 15 GB per Month with unlimited calling facility
    against Rs. 150 prepaid recharge ,
    As a matter of the fact i was hopefully expecting this From Mr. Ambani

    i hope my message will be seriously considered ,
    with the the above offer , you will definitely double your customer with in a couple of months


  40. I think ₹ 303 for 30GB of 4G data is incredible.
    Can’t expect the same from any other operator.
    Although the suggestion of carrying forward the unused data is something that should be considered.

  41. The 1 GB limit per day is too small. Instead it could be made 30 GB per month so that one can maintain the average very easily because on some days we may be using more data and at other times very less.

  42. Jio users will reduce by 75-80% bcz no one wants to pay 303 / month for reliance network when there are cheaper n strong networks’ available, it will take superb n blocbuster scheme if we have to pay only 100-150/ mnth,

  43. The charge of 303/- is on higher side. Suggest a reduction in this. 100/- to 150/- will be a good option for the users. 1GB cap can be changed to 30 GB per moth cap for more flexibility.

  44. Sir, if I don’t register prime membership @ 99-/, how I could get free voice call & SMS only without consuming net data.

  45. after subscription is it mandatory to recharge every month? if any month we will not recharge 303 rs then our membership will over?

  46. First of all , I would like to thank jio for this service. And pls explain, What is the meaning of this word high speed data rs.303 plan? What will be the data speed?

  47. Is it important to recharge with 303 every month what of i cant recharge with 303 my prime membership will remain continue or over ?

  48. With all gratitude for your welcome offer I submit that your prime membership offer is also very exciting. But after going through the feed back from several existing users I would like to suggest to Hon. Ambani to kindly look into the possibility of reducing the monthly charges from Rs.303 to Rs.153
    and the data per day from 1 GB to 0.5GB or else in an average 15GB per month.
    By doing so It Will be affordable to each and every one and the very purpose of Jio movement will be fulfilled in letter and spirit.

  49. hello ambani sir, the plan with 303 is good and registration is also ok but how to extend the data plan to unlimited usage per day??? will you please give another package for unlimited usage for heavy data users like us… a monthly pack of 600-700 will be a good plan for unlimited data usage up to 4 gb with high speed daily

  50. Sir, I dont think 303 per month will really work out because people who switch to that plan would be the people who are ditching their broadband connection….and if there is only 1GB per day , enough data when it is really required wont be there. So my suggestion is that there should be an Add On option for 303 plan users that if they recharge with Rs 10 any time , they will get Extra 1GB with a day validity. So people will have enough data when it is required.
    Consider this and you will see frequent recharges

  51. Im very much thank full to JIO Team for the Digital India inovations. I have started using Jio from the day one. It really hellped me inturns of DATA , VOICE,, SMS, whatever. Earlier the other operartors have looted all our hard earned money with the name of data . They use to charge without any intimation and no proper guidance to the users . Thanks to JIO , You have won the heart of many low class and middle class users like me. Whatever i will stick on to JIO as long as such offers are released.

  52. I see a lot of misers here saying they can’t pay Rs. 303 for one month. If you don’t wanna use then don’t pay. It shows that you guys just took advantage of the free Jio offer and would throw it away at the end.

  53. During prime membership is it necessary to recharge with Rs. 303 pack every month continuesly. Or it will depend on the user will ….in which month he wants to recharge with Rs. 303 pack.

  54. Suppose I join the prime membership,
    Then I have to pay rs 303 per month – as said.
    But if I don’t want to use Internet every month,, then is it possible that I pay rs 303 only when I require, or is it compulsory to pay 303 rs every month….

    And, if I don’t subscribe for prime membership, will the calls still remain free?

  55. After subscription with Rs 99, is it mandatory to recharge every month with Rs 303? if any month we will not recharge with Rs 303 then our membership will over?
    If yes then what we do?

    1. After you become Jio Prime Member, It’s completely up to you when you want to enjoy the benefits. It’s a prepaid plan, so you pay 303 and enjoy the free benefits for 30 days.

  56. Dear sir,
    There is little more clarity requried on prime membership offer.
    In your ads and 21st announcement by sri.Mukesh.D.Ambani said “subscribe JIO membership program before 31st Mar 2017 to continue enjoying 1GB data daily and free voice calls upto 31st march 2018”
    That is continuation of JIO new year offer

    If that is what you said then why to recharge 303 every month

    Please clarify

    Thanks and regards
    Mr.mallikarjunaswamy sidrampurmath

    1. The 99 is for an extension of 1 year for Jio Prime offer. If you want to use data and voice calling, You have to recharge with 303 every month. If you don’t want that offer, Then there are other plans.

      1. sir, I have already taken prime membership on my jio number. Now, If I recharged with Rs.303 plan before 31 st march, is it necessary to recharge again for the month of April. Please confirm

  57. I satisfied that offer but I am not satisfied jio network in villages arias not clear voice call and not good speed internet . so clear that problem as soon as .

  58. Offer is good..Way better than others…But sir what about the speed that’s dropping day by day.. Before it was 50-60 Mbps now it’s below 200 kbps..

  59. ₹303/month is a big deal for a middle class family or for a student. Per day 1 GB is not essential, 500 MB is enough.

  60. Is the rs303 recharge absolutely compulsory for each n every month? What if I want to skip a month without recharging? Can that be done?

    1. Yes.i agreed. Jio should give at least 6gb data per month to non jio prime customer in 303rs base plan. For non jio prime user 2gb data in Rs 303 is really insufficient. It seems jio is a money sucker like airtel..

  61. If I sign up on 1st march, will I be charged Rs 303 for month of March also? I already have Happy New Year plan till 31 March. So should I wait to sign up for Prime.

    1. No, you won’t be charged in March. You could take prime membership as well as charge with 303 or 499 etc, now itself. You I’ll be charged only from April 1, 2017.

  62. Hi to team Jio I have recharged rs.99 by using my debit card and it’s successful. I wanna to know that my debit or credit card details will be safe or not.

  63. Sir is after getting membership in jio prime we will be able to use free till march 31 march 2018 …..all data pack and talk time

  64. I am using jiofi router. So if I recharge with 303 rs. I am able to use only data pack. I have not any benefit for unlimited call, SMS, or other jio app. So please introduce some other lower plan for jiofi users.

  65. Dear Sir,

    I enquiry JIO WIFI dongle best models and plans. all india roaming free ? must be Hi speed .

    My location dunlop. Mob:- 09874677744

  66. So i use data in between timing other than 2-5am i will be charged ?

    i didnot understand this 2-5 am and 1GB plan

  67. I feel that this is the best plan as compared to other network providers….and jio is far better than vodafone or airtel….
    It is the best plan….awesome?

  68. Hi sir 303r is expensive 2 a student plz reduce it nd make packs below 150 n 100 it is comfortable 2 students nd middle class
    I hope u understand sir

  69. I recharged with 99 to become prime member. if i dont recharge 303, can i make unlimited voice calls for one year. i though 303 for data usage. please confirm what are 99 recharge benefits?

  70. Is there any benefit for recharge of membership charges Rs 99 … I mean voice call are included in this pack .. or we have to recharge with others montly pack for voice call only

    1. only with rs.99 recharge you wont get anything only incoming calls/ messages upto 90 days. U need to add some other plan with Rs.99+ other pack then you will enjoy benefits

      but only one thing i cant get after 1 April,2017 unlimited night will continue or not with RS.149/- or others ?

  71. sir tell me one thing if I didn’t recharge any of month …after that will my outgoing would still continue or sms

  72. Its a big marketing funda of Jio company. In my city. network is not available properly. So Jio is not beneficial to us. Jio converted to Jio prime. It makes addict to people to use Jio sim only. Kindly read the t&c its clearly says that company can change their plans without inform their consumers whenever they want.

  73. Ist off All thanku ,, i have already joined the prime membership now i want to know when can we recharge with 303 pan ,, is it a prepaid type or postpaid type, and may i knw if i vl recharge my no today with 303 , will it be considered from 1st april,
    And lastly if i want to become a retailer or will recharge multiple nos from my account will i get some benefits ,, please reply

  74. Hello Sir, I m a student don’t need unlimited calls and I use what’s up n others 2 msg friends. I am using Jio for quite some time now speed of your high-speed 1GB data is getting poor by each second in kbps sometimes to be honest, and now you wanna charge Rs303/month for it. Pls introduce a data plan with unlimited high-speed data + 500 calls per day @Rs303/month for me and my student friends. Thanks.

  75. We are happy That we joined jio family And Hope Jio Will Do best for Us everytime And Make it cheaper And Make It tough for other Operators, Which Are charging us More Than 10 times of What Jio Is Giving us. we Love our jio Family

  76. If i do not recharge 303 after recharge of 402 later months.will my prime membership cancel?
    In other words did i need to recharge 303 per month to continue prime membership

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