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Jio Summer Surprise offer: Free services extended for 3 more months

Jio Summer Surprise offer details

Jio announced this offer via a press release on March 31
Jio March 31 press release

Jio Summer Surprise offer till June 2017

Do you know that if you recharge with 99+499 before April 15.
You’ll get 2 GB data/day until July 28th, 2017.

If you have already recharged with 303 plan, please recharge with 499 plan and the higher plan will be activated during the free months up to 30th June. In the month of July 303 plan will be activated and then in the month of August 499 plan will be activated.

Jio Summer surprise offer will only be given when you subscribe to Jio prime before 15th April 2017. With Jio prime, recharge or 303 or above plan is mandatary.

Those who fulfils the above criteria before April 15, will be offered 3 months of free Jio services. The free offer will be valid up to June 2017. Your 303 or above plan will be activated from July 2017 onwards.

What will happen if you have already recharged with 149 plan?

If you have recharged with 149 plan then please recharge with 303 plan again. You’re plans will be activated like this, three months free until June. Then your 149 plan will be activated for the month of July and then 303 plan for the month of August.
Jio 149 summer surprise solution

Jio Summer Surprise offer benefits

The Jio summer surprise plan will be valid between April-June 2017. Complete benefits with Jio summer surprise offer:

  • 1 GB data/day on 303 plan and 2 GB data/day on 499 plan until 28th July.
  • Unlimited voice calls on any network.
  • Free roaming all India.
  • Unlimited SMS all over India.
  • Jio Apps premium subscription.

Jio Prime Subscription offer extended

Jio prime till 15 April

If you’re unable to recharge Jio prime due to any reason, you get 15 more days to do so. Those who don’t become a Jio prime user before April 15 will be disconnected with Summer surprise offer.

Mukesh Ambani Statement for Jio users

Read what Sir Mukesh Ambani has to say to the Jio family
Jio statement by Mukesh Ambani

Jio statement by Mukesh Ambani

Jio statement by Mukesh Ambani
Note: Recharge Jio prime and Jio plan before April 15 to enjoy Jio free until July 2017.


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    • Please recharge with 303 plan and you’ll get 3 months of free service. 149 plan will be activated during the month of July and 303 plan will be activated during the month of August.

    • If you have recharged with 149 plan then please recharge with 303 plan again. You’re plans will be activated like this, three months free until June. Then your 149 plan will be activated for the month of July and then 303 plan for the month of August.

  1. I had recharged 99 for Prime and then for Rs 149 plan. So wanted to confirm if I recharge again with 303 – i too get the summer surprise offer free for Apr-Jun, then 303 plan applies for July and 149 for August without having to pay again until August end as mentioned here?

      • Dear Mr Ambani,
        Firstly, thank you for the plan. It is very good. I recharged for Rs 99 in March beginning and for Rs 303 in March end. Even without the “summer surprise” I was very happy.
        Before Jio came along, I was paying Rs 850 per month for 5GB “unlimited” (so-called) plan of Airtel. The 5gb used to get over within 4-5 days. After that, the speed I got was so bad even gmail was not possible on some days! It was like no internet. I think they should have called it Unlimited 0 kbps plan. I used to call Airtel to complain, but things did not improve.
        In Oct I bought a LYF phone and got Jio. I told Airtel to stop services. Immediately they said we will give 50% discount. I felt very bad. I was their loyal customer for 3 years but they never gave me a good plan. Never properly addressed the speed issue. But as soon as I decided to leave they offered me 50% off!
        I said no thanks. I will see what Jio comes up with after Dec 31st. Well, Dec 31st came and went, and the happy new year plan came. Then Summer surprise.
        Now let me just say that please be confident that people want to pay for Jio. It is VERY WORTH IT. Worth ten times more. I live in Pune, Baner area. Speeds are SUPER-BLAZING-FAST. Whenever I called help numbers, I was assisted immediately by your officers. So please feel confident to charge – data consumers are happy to pay Rs 303 for you plan. It is a bargain for us.
        About voice – it’s not that good when you want to call certain numbers. I heard about the obstacles other telecoms are creating for Jio. But voice calls I hardly use. Same for sms, hardly ever use. But never had a problem with sending sms to the numbers I tried.
        Finally – you have brought the convergence of TV and Internet with your high-speed, low cost offers. The Internet tv will now be affordable option for Indians for the first time. For this sir, hats off to you.
        I am a proud Jio customer, and a Reliance shareholder since 2007. What a great company run by a great man. Keep it up.
        Best regards,
        Uma (uma01666atgmail)

    • Till 15 April , it’s totally free for everyone irrespective of prime membership.
      After 15 th April only prime users who have recharged their no. with the plans 303₹ & above will get this complimentary free data offer which is actually for 4 months and that is for – April to July
      3 months complimentary + 1 month for the recharge done like 303₹,499₹ & so on.
      Further per day data limit will be according to your plan in these 4 months.
      And those who have recharged with 149₹ plan will have to recharge again with 303₹ or above plan & they will get free data for total 5 months but in the fifth month they will get the benefit of 149₹ plan and that is 2gb data.

  2. I have recharged for Rs.99. I haven’t yet recharged any other tariff plan. If I don’t do the 303+ recharge till 15Apr, will I still remain a Prime member? Do I HAVE to recharge for 303+ by 15Apr? What if I don’t want to recharge anything now, and continue after say August?

  3. Dear Sirs,
    As far as single man is concerned Rs.303 is okay, but if we take a family there are so many members who have mobile phones. Like CUG, Jio may grant some offer for family members i.e. for more than 2 mobiles in a same family.
    I have one mobile and my wife has another mobile. As far as Indian economy is concerned, Rs.606 is difficult for a single poor family. So I request you to consider the same and find a good solution to this problem.

    Thanks for giving more and more GBs in mobile data.


  4. I did a years recharge on my Jio number that is 303×12 in march, does this summer surprise offer mean that I wasted 3 months of recharge (close to a thousand rupees) on my Jio sim!!!!

  5. Can you tell me one thing, though you are offering free free free services, I’m not able to make single call from my no, not even getting a call on that no, you can try this, phone automatically got disconnected when I dail a no. My no is 8920838187

  6. Dear Jio Customer Care Team,
    I am facing this issue from last few days in my area jio internet speed is very poor. Your Netvelocity app is unable to find the server and when i try to call your customer care number 199, call get disconnected automatically. Kindly improve the quality of services. Please do not only focus on number of customer only. Looking for your prompt reply in this regard soon.

  7. kindly let me knnow that my jio shows me that my connection is post paid. should I recharge for 303 after taking prime membership as postpaid means there is some bill plan monthly. no recharge required.

  8. Sir I recharged 99 plan for my number and I got rid 50cashback voucher. Now I want to recharge my wife number for 99rs but I can not able to use that cash back vouchers.

  9. Sir,
    My jio no. Is 8668358513
    I joined membership and recharged of Rs. 303 but I am unable to have voice calls and video calls.
    Please do the needful.

    Thank you in anticipation.

  10. I have paid for the prime subscription for rs.99 on 31st March 2017. But it got activated on 1st April 2017. I am now a Jio prime member.I have not recharged with RS. 303. If I recharge now with RS. 303,will I get the summer surprise offer?.

  11. Hello Jio Team,

    I’m an “Indian Engineering student”. In the summer vacation (May-July second week) I’m used to play online streaming games, chatting on snapchat, whatsapp,facebook etc. Watching matches of IPL and series on netflix. My daily consumption was around 5 to 10 GB/day. From last 2 years I had purchased 250 & 500 GB data from different telecom operators based on their price. So do you have any plan for me in this range of data for summer vacation?

    I’ve enrolled for jio prime, but till date I haven’t purchased any plan. Because as seems Mukesh Ambani’s nature is as same as his father. So I hoped he’ll extend jio net limit. You’ll provide 1 GB/day as summer “sagun” offer for following 3 months for Jio prime members(who pays 99 + 303 or more). Please mention that I don’t have any problem with it. Here what is meaning of “paying more than 303” for this 3 month?, As yesterday Mukesh Ambani conveyed a letter to jio users and there mentioned that it’ll proceed after July. If I pay any 303+ plan but in this 3 month I got 1 GB/day, it’s unusable for me. I like jio’s Internet speed for fast-net streaming games and mostly watching IPL matches and series on netflix(720px, 1080px) which I missed while college was going on. So can you suggest me which plan I have to pay for it?

    I hope jio team will respond appropriate answer within a week on this site…

  12. JIO Summer surprise Offer.
    If you recharge only RS. 99 prime membership you get free DATA up to 15April only.

    If you recharge Rs.99+ RS.149 You will get Free DATA up to 15 April and RS.149 will be in JULY you don’t get data until June 30.

    Case(3): If you recharge RS.99 + Anyone of 303,499, etc.. You will get free Data until June 30th 2017 & 303,499,etc in July also. You have to start to pay from AUGUST month .

    1.) If you want Free DATA for 4Months Do recharge with 99+ anyone of 303,499,etc

    2.) If you already Recharge 99+149 you have to recharge once again with anyone of 303,499,etc to get free Data until June 30th and 149 recharge will be in July month.

    3).If you recharge 99+303,499,etc you get free Data free for 4months (3M for summer offer + July RS.303, 499, etc).

  13. Sir kal jiyo net busy hone ke karan 99ka recharge nahi ho paya he, par net abhi bhi chal raha he,. 1 we kab tak 99 ka recharge karwa sakte he. 2. Abhi net ka paisa to nahi katega. 3 99 ke recharge ke baad ka recharge katwNa compulsory he, yadi naHi to kab tak

  14. Hello sir, I had done recharge of Prime membership of 99 and the 1st recharge of 303.
    A query is that, after the subscription will I get the Happy​ hour of night unlimited 2-5am ?

  15. I have recharged 8 times with 303 and above along with 99 for prime in March the plans will come to effect from 1st July 2017 after that we will get the benefit of prime July 2018

  16. I have recharged 8 times with 303 and above along with 99 for prime in March the plans will come to effect from 1st July 2017 after that we will get the benefit of prime till July 2018

  17. Sir I have recharged for rs 99 on 30 March & then I Recharge for Rs 149 on today ie on 1 April then what should I do for availing surprised benefits till 30 june

  18. I already became a jio prime member…so it is mandatory to recharge Rs303 or not to get a benifit of summer surprice offer…if it is mandatory then which is d last date fr paying rs303….

  19. The biggest problem, that we are facing that JIO sim is only activated through Local Aadhar ID,and there are lacs of user like me who want to avail your services but coudnt due to lack of local Aadhar ID, As all know Aadhaar is unique so this is not possible to get local Aadhar in every city,and even if we try to get connection via CAF form than evey time your representative say that forms are not available, if we have local Aadhaar id than they only can activate the sim.

    there must be some solution for this allow Aadhaar of any place why only local ?? i think this is wrong strategy /practice to dont allow users of other state who live for livelihood in other states and have aadhaar of there native state

  20. I already became a jio prime member…so it is mandatory to recharge Rs303 or not to get a benifit of summer surprice offer…if it is mandatory then which is d last date fr paying rs303….

  21. Hey,
    I tried to to contact JioCustomerCare but didn’t got any response…can please someone tell that will i get night unlimited data from 2 AM to 5AM till 15th of April 2017…

  22. Great time for each Indian by Jio summer surprise. Jio funded Digital revolution make more progress to nation. I will stay with the Jio 4g through JioFi. Will do 99 recharge and 303 recharge in coming days. Thanku Jio for surprise offers.

  23. I recharged with 99 rs and i took jio prime membership and again i recharged with 49 rs@600MB for three days as iam aware of extension of jio prime membership and summer special offer
    If i recharged with 303 rs again can i get jio summer offer

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