LYF Mobile Service center in Hyderabad

Find LYF Mobile Service center in Hyderabad

  • LYF service center  Toll-Free number : 1800-890-9999
  • JIO complaint number : 199
  • JIO Tele-verification number : 1977

Due to heavy load, Your call might take time to get connected. So always feel free to ask your question through the live support chat below.

 News: JIO preview offer available for all 4G phones.  

11 thoughts to “LYF Mobile Service center in Hyderabad”

  1. My handset is very bad conditions my handset automatic on off battery back up very bad iam go to BC showroom sale man used Lyf very best telling salesman iam not Interest iam taken go to shop intex mobile

  2. I have taken Jio SIM 3 days back But till today it was not activated
    Pl let me know when it will be done and how to get jio ID
    Thanks and regards
    Pillarisetti Eswary Chendrika
    Jio No. 8555856837
    Alternate no 9849108512

  3. Hi , i bought samsung galaxy s2 tab in singapore… unable to generate reliance jio code? Please advise

  4. Dear Sir,

    I have generated coupon code from my Redmi Prime as 55581895659. i have visited nearest Digital Express showroom where i have taken the Sim , they told me to contact customer care number. i tried 2 times it didnt reach you. so finally today i got a reply that there is no registration from my number for the above coupon number. once again i approached the reliance digital express showroom and explained the same to these executives. They enquired and told me that somebody is using my jio offer with my coupon number. Could please clarify me that at the times of registration i have given my Aadhar number and Thumb impression also. Now this executive is telling that i cannot generate code once again from my phone. please suggest me that how to get the code once again with coupon code and is it possible to identify the person using my coupon code.

    It will be grateful if you guide me how to get the Reliance jio connection.

    Best regards,
    Srinivasa rao B

  5. I have download jio barcode but forget to note it. When I went to store, the barcode is not found in my phone. How can I get the barcode again?

  6. I want a jio sim at Hyderabad. But all the jio store manager are asking me to produce Adhar Card of Hyderabad where as I have Adhar Card of Odisha. Cann’t I take a jio sim in Odisha with valid Voter Id of Hyderabad ?

  7. I purchased a Lyf wind 7i mobile I trusted on the name of reliance but they r providing verest material I got so may problem in that handset camera front 5 & back 8 no clarity it was like 1 mega pixal am totally loses my money

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