Moto Z Preorder India- Moto Z Play buy online, Flipkart, Amazon offers

The all new Moto mobile phone models bring about a totally new and innovative technology to the table in the form of the Moto Mods which have become the latest talking point in smartphone markets.

Moto Z Buy Online

All in all, the features and specs shall be put aside for this one. They are reasonable and almost worth the money. However, what really sets this smartphone apart from the other competitors in this price range is the amazing inclusion of the Moto Mods which i shall explain now.

Moto Z vs Moto Z play specs

Here are the complete specs or specification of both the variations. There isn’t much of a difference between the two if not for their features and attributes.

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Available Moto Mod accessories

Moto mod is nothing but a technology comprising of built in antennas and metallic connectors at the bottom rear of these devices. These connectors can be connected to the several moto mod accessories which range from wireless Speaker to power bank among others.



At this point, there are 4 moto mods which are connectable with this smartphone including battery, camera, Speaker, and Projector. Over time, more Mods shall be released mainly depending on the audience reception with the Moto Mod technology.

MOTO Z vs MOTO Z PLAY comparison

The Moto Z model will be priced around 40,000 INR while the Moto Z play will be priced close to 26,000 INR. Hence, the Z model is obviously more advanced in terms of involved technology and specifications as compared to the Moto z play model.

However, one may assert that being at the cheaper side, the Moto Z play does not have much too lose over its variant.

The thickness of Z is quite less as compared to Z play. It is so thin that the 3.5 mm jack port is also unavailable here. However, there exists a compatible and customised headpiece for it. Z play is much thicker and is compatible with any 3.5 mm set.

MOTO Z preorder India date

After the official launch of these smartphones on the 4th of October, there has been no news as far as preorders are concerned. Both the leading eCommerce merchants Flipkart and Amazon shall be involved in the sales of these products thus creating more competition among themselves.

One of them might even try to reduce the price of the smartphone slightly to try and beat the other in terms of sales. That makes it very important that you check the prices on both Flipkart and Amazon before making a purchase. If you have filled the form above, then will will be notifying you about the best and the most reasonable prices on both the stores.

Moto Z play Preorder India date

Let us see how the Indian audience reacts to this smartphone. After the retail starting from the 17th of October, 2016 what will remain to be seen is the reception that it will receive in the Indian markets.


These variants have achieved a very positive feedback and experience among the markets in the United states, UK among other countries. But, we all know why the Indian market can be a very challenging one to attract and capture. Don’t we? Thanks for reading.

Moto Z and Z play Sale Date and time

Moto Z and Z play Flipkart sale date and time – Buy Online

Moto Z and Z play Amazon sale date and time – Buy Online

Z price in India Flipkart – Rs. 40,000
Z Play price in India Flipkart – Rs. 25,000

Z price in India Amazon – Rs. 39,999
Z play price in India Amazon – Rs. 24,999

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