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Reliance Jio Prime Plans complete details

Reliance Jio Prime Subscription started from March 1. There is a huge difference in Jio plans for prime users and non-prime users. So please subscribe to Jio Prime membership before March 31 to enjoy Jio Prime Plans.
Jio latest plans Dhan Dhana Dhan

Jio 4G Prime Plans

Jio prime plans details: Unlimited Data, Unlimited Voice, Unlimited SMS and Validity.

 Jio Prime Plans Data Voice SMS Validity
 Rs 19 Plan 200 MB UL UL 1 Day
Rs 49 Plan 600 MB UL UL 3 Days
Rs 96 Plan  7 GB UL UL 7 Days
Rs 149 Plan 2 GB UL UL 28 Days
Rs 309 Plan 28 GB UL UL 28 Days
Rs 509 Plan 56 GB UL UL 28 Days
Rs 999 Plan 60 GB UL UL 60 Days
Rs 1999 Plan 125 GB UL UL 90 Days
Rs 4999 Plan 350 GB UL UL 180 Days
Rs 9999 Plan 750 GB UL UL 360 Days

UL: Unlimited. Please read Jio Prime Plans Terms and Conditions before recharging any plan.

Jio Prime Recharge Online

Jio 4G Data Booster Plans

The Jio Data booster plans will be valid till your Jio base plan validity. So, If anyone run out of data during your Jio plan can recharge with any data booster below.

Jio Data Booster Plans  Data
 Rs 11 Data Booster  100 MB
 Rs 51 Data Booster  1 GB
 Rs 91 Data Booster  2 GB
 Rs 201 Data Booster  5 GB
 Rs 301 Data Booster  10 GB

Jio Buy one Get one Free offer

Jio Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer

Jio Prime Plans Terms and Conditions

Jio prime 96 Plan: You get 7 GB of data but it will capped with 1 GB FUP data/day.

Jio Prime 303 Plan: 28 GB of data, capped with 1 GB FUP data/day.

Jio Prime 499 plan: 56 GB of data, capped with 2 GB FUP data/day.

Jio Unlimited SMS: You get 100 SMS daily due to TRAI regulations.

To enjoy Jio Prime plans, you need to be a Jio Prime member first. So please subscribe to Jio Prime Membership before March 31.

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    • That’s very nice of you Sufal to ask for unlimited data. Isn’t it. I mean it would really be best if you can get everything for free and unlimited, won’t it.? Afterall, you are poor, so why should you even pay for anything?

      Reliance is offering the cheapest data and call rates and yet you are demanding as if it’s too much. Getting
      28 GB for just Rs 303 seems too costly which is 4G data. I am wondering what would you do if there was no Jio. Let me gues, you would pay. Doesn’t the company needs revenue for themselves?

      • Sir,

        Common man cant use 28GB, even if you give 100GB for Rs. 200 also it wont useful

        It is better to have a plan with less data (May be 2 or 3GB in a month) & more calls, 50 SMS

        You may review the requirement of people.

      • But, Here ur thought is not reasonable. If jio provide 28gb data with 303 plan & 7gb data with 96 plan . How could justify 2gb data with 149 plan.
        It is not a matter of Poor’s but a matter of Business Tactics.
        Plz think again…….

  1. Please minimise the data charges for Jio prime Members… Please it is my humble request to Jio… Because the network Coverage of Jio on around India is not strong and speed is also low so by that situation may be your costumers may leave Jio and will be stop of using Jio Sim , it is my thinking only. So, I think you have to minimise the data charges for 5-6 months…when your costumers will be satisfied fully with Jio then you can start prepaid recharges at the given rates you have showing….

  2. What happens when a user won’t recharge with any of the available plans. will there be any termination of his membership or he will continue be a member for an year?

  3. How to get a Jio Sim in Delhi or Haryana if my Aasdhar card has address of M.P.? The reliance I went to said I can’t Jio sim because I am from another state. I am student here, I can’t just run back to Madhya Pradesh at will.

    What do I do? Offer me a solution. Other service providers don’t have issue with which state the Aadhar card belongs to, can’t understand the problem with Jio.

      • Thank you very much for the reply but I still need to know where can I get the form.
        I went to Reliance Digital Express Mini at the address below and they said that they don’t have the form required. If they don’t keep the form, then where am I supposed to get one?

        Digital Xpress Mini – Old Faridabad, Faridabad

        Reliance Digital Xpress Mini, 2/742 A, Link Road, Opp Patwari Temple, Main Market, Old Faridabad 121002
        Phone No : 0129 4067013
        Mon-Sun : 10:00 AM. – 10:00 PM

  4. Jio to Jio call connectivity is good. But calls made from other operators to jio are getting connected, but not consistent and quality lacks and sometime from Jio to other operators it is connected but again quality lacks and even inconsistent. This would make us think in different way of choosing network which may result in losing customers. This should be sorted out ASAP.

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