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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specifications and Review

This year Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 7, which is bigger and better for your bigger needs! The phone is not just big in size but also has enhanced features which make it a totally organized experience. Samsung claims that this phone is a smartphone that thinks big. This, of course, is a declaration that the CPU is not just faster, but also much more intelligent. The phone comes with an S-pen and is capable of more storage and better functions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 design and review

Galaxy Note 7 Design review


Samsung Note 7 has curved edges and a delicate design. The grip is good while the phone is specially designed for you to be able to write on it freely. The S pen is improved and can help you sketch as well as make notes. The colors available in this phone are limited, but cover almost everyone’s taste! The design is for those who work and play on their phone, both with equal passion. The S pen is an exclusive feature of the Note 7, which is not available with every other smartphone in the market. It writes, erases and is now water and dust resistant. You can use this pen now to change words into images and activate the screen by just hovering the pen over the screen for Air Command. This pen has a tip of the only 0.7mm as compared to the 1.6mm tip of the Samsung Galaxy. Moreover, all the images and notes that you work on with this pen go into one place. They are saved and within reach.

Samsung Note 7 Screen Quality (HDR)

Galaxy Note 7 HDR screen

Samsung Note 7 has HDR which means that all the videos you watch on the phone will be more realistic and high definition. The HDR makes the display contrast better and you are able to see a crisper and clear picture. This feature makes your visual experience much better. Be it entertainment or work, the HDR enables you to see the colors as they should be seen.

Samsung HDR comparison
Note 7 HDR quality comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera review

Very few phones offer a wide range color gamut and that too with the ability to capture motion as accurately as possible. The Samsung camera technology has brought forth a camera that is able to take pictures of moving objects and limited light. This is possible due to the Dual Pixel Sensor with an F1.7 lens. The 1.4ϥm pixels make each picture appear as they were captured by our own eyes! You can now focus better and adjust the aperture in order to take photos of far away or near object the way you want to see them.

Samsung Galaxy note 7 Camera quality
Photo was taken from Samsung Note 7

The shutter speed is great, which makes it possible to take a still picture of a moving object. And for times when you want to make a video, turn to the 4K video that will capture a high definition view of all that you want. Once all your pictures and videos are taken, you can easily view them in the gallery. The story doesn’t end here. You can edit the photo by changing size, color contrast, theme and frames for a different experience altogether. You can make an animated GIF image or a collage of your favorite pictures and save it too.

Samsung Note 7 RAM size and Processor

Galaxy Note 7 4 GB RAM

Samsung claims that the Note 7 is big enough to handle it all. It has a basic internal memory of 64 GB but it can be expanded with the help of SD card and can go up to 256 GB. The best part is that the Note & offers a dual SIM which means you can simply switch to the other card for memory usage as well as phone usage. You will never have to switch off the phone, it allows you to disable a number while the other is working. The battery of the Samsung Note 7 is bigger than the previous Note. However, the charging is also bigger! You can charge it faster with an ultra-speed charger. This way your battery runs longer and you do not need to charge it for a long period of time to be full again. Apart from the conventional chargers, Samsung has introduced the wireless charger that means you can work on your phone while it charges! The center of this phone is much more powerful as it provides 31 % more powerful CPU, 58% more capable GPU and a 4GB RAM for a better performance.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy note 7 specifications
Galaxy Note 7 specs


Note 7 RAM size 4 GB RAM
Note 7 Display size 5.7-inch
Note 7 Back Camera 12 MP
Note 7 Front Camera 5 MP
Note 7 Internal storage 64 GB
Note 7 Processor 1.6 Ghz
Note 7 Battery capacity 3500 mAh


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 official video

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 WaterProof phone

Samsung Note 7 Waterproof test

This feature is a Samsung introduction we all know that! The Note 7 can survive 1.5 meters deep in water for up to 30 minutes without getting water-damaged. The S pen and the phone are both water, dust and sand resistant.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery capacity

Samsung Galaxy note 7 battery capacity

Samsung note 7 comes with 3500 mAh battery capacity. The battery will last easily for a full day. It supports fast charging which makes you charge your phone quickly.

Samsung Note 7 retina and fingerprint security

Samsung Iris retina security

Another feature exclusive to Samsung is the security feature. Your phone has a security PIN, fingerprint check, pattern check and now the Iris security filter too! Nobody apart from you can check your messages or anything that you want to keep to yourself on the phone.

Samsung Note 7 Audio Quality

The speakers of the Samsung Note 7 are as loud as ever. Samsung has provided loud and clear audio systems throughout therefore now it is no surprise that the songs, music beats as well as voices are clear and loud. The earphones, as well as speakers, have a clear sound that will make your experience better and clearer too!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 re-launch date in India

Due to battery fault found in 35 phones globally, Samsung stopped the sale of Note 7 in India till all the phones are re-verified. The new release date of Samsung Note 7 will be notified to you shortly.

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