How to use Reliance Jio SIM in Windows Phone

Jio has released MyJio APP for only Android and iOS devices, so Windows phone user was not able to generate Jio welcome offer code. This post is not about how to generate Jio Code for windows phone. You need an activated Jio SIM card to use Jio on any windows phone.

To get a Jio SIM card, get it using any Android or iOS device and follow the steps below to use Jio welcome offer for windows phone.

Jio for Windows phone requirements

  1. Generate Jio Welcome offer Code using any Android or iOS device.
  2. Find Jio Store or Reliance Digital Store nearby.
  3. Tele-verify and activate Jio SIM with Jio Welcome Offer.

After activating your JIO sim with the welcome offer you can use that JIO sim in any 4G or 4G VoLTE device. So insert Jio SIM in your Windows Lumia phone and follow the below process to use Jio SIM on any Windows Phone.

The Best way to use Jio SIM in Windows phone is to take a SIM using any Android phone and activate it first before using it in Windows Phone.

How to use Jio SIM in Windows Phone

  1. Go to phone settings in Windows Phone.
  2. Then open Network Settings under phone settings.
  3. Select Network mode as 4G or Highest Connection Speed.
  4. Now create and activate the Jio Access Point Name (APN).
    Name: jionet
    APN: jionet
  5. Save the above APN and activate the jionet APN.
  6. Restart your Windows phone and enjoy Jio unlimited Internet.

Jio Welcome Offer for Windows Phone

How to use Jio4GVoice on Windows Phone

Sorry, you can’t use JioJion or Jio4GVoice app on windows phone. MyJio app is not available to Windows Phone platform. If your windows phone has the VoLTE support you can make free calls using Windows Phone default dialer.

JIO SIM for Windows Phone FAQs

  • Does Jio officially support windows phone?
    Jio Apps are unsupported for windows phone but Jio SIM works on any 4G device. You will not be able to track your Voice and Data usage.
  • MyJio app for Windows Phone.
    MyJio app is not available for Windows phone.
  • Can I make unlimited voice calls?
    If your windows phone supports VoLTE network, you can call using windows dialer to make phone calls.
  • Jio Welcome Offer for Windows phone validity.
    Jio welcome offer is valid until 31st December for all 4G device. So, you will be able to use welcome offer till December 31st.

If you face any problem using Jio SIM in Windows Phone, leave your queries below in comment box.

29 thoughts to “How to use Reliance Jio SIM in Windows Phone”

    1. I bought a jio sim …its showing no network on my Lumia 640xl..hence it’s okay with other devices.can you Help me out brother?

  1. Helloo sir .. I m using jio sim in windows phone.. I am able to use net but unable to use call . Is there any trick to use call also. Pleas inform me as soon as possible.

  2. I am able to connect internet in my Lumia 1520, but voice call ………? Please provide Jio Apps. in Windows platforms.

    1. Hi..
      Iam not able to even connect internet in 1520 .. There shows a Signal LTE but not able to connect.

      Let me know any settings for the same.

  3. I have lumia 635 . ineternet work but calls are not going. reliance has any plan to build app for windows phone to enable voice support. Let customer know so customer plan accordingly.

  4. I know that I couldn’t make a free voice call by jio but plzz sir tell me dat how could I get outgoing and incoming calls by jio plan in windows phone like other networks coz I wanna make it my permanent number

  5. I have purchase Jio Mifi devise but it is not supported for any Jio apps. so You cant call form windows phone or PCs

  6. jio apps are not available for windows Pcs and phone holder. why reliance did’t launch apps for windows??? In The World most of the people are using windows only. windows user cant take any app benefit except data. but why??????? company have to launch the aap for windows.

  7. What about lte windows phone?
    Will users will be allowed to make calls or only Internet facilities will be available for use

  8. guys plz reply me…..i have jio sim but my lumia 640xl is not showing anything…..send the process to me @

  9. I have a windows phone named Blu win hd LTE. I was unable to use jio sim in WP. but after upgrading it to windows 10 insider. I am having no problem in using internet using JIO SIM.

  10. Hi, I am using Lumia 950 XL phone which has a 4G and even LTE also. I got a Jio sim which the internet is going fine on the device. Unfortunately not making voice calls through it. I don’t know whether how to enable the voice call on the device. Will Jio provide a windows application for enabling it? or Will Microsoft provide an update for enabling VoLTE? If either one helps out for this issue, the windows phone users will have a chance to utilize the Jio sim services fully.

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